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2022 Publications

1.   Sharifi, S; Mahmoud, NN; Voke, E; Landry, MP; Mahmoudi, M. 'Importance of Standardizing Analytical Characterization Methodology for Improved Reliability of the Nanomedicine Literature.'  NANO-MICRO LETTERS, Vol 14, Issue 1, DEC 2022. 

2.   Theus, AS; Ning, LQ; Kabboul, G; Hwang, B; Tomov, ML; LaRock, CN; Bauser-Heaton, H; Mahmoudi, M; Serpooshan, V. '3D bioprinting of nanoparticle-laden hydrogel scaffolds with enhanced antibacterial and imaging properties.'  ISCIENCE, Vol 25, Issue 9, SEP 16, 2022. 

3.   Mahmoudi, M. 'The potential role of an Ombuds Office in addressing academic bullying concerns.'  FEBS LETTERS, SEP 2022.

4.   Robertson, N; Sempere, L; Kenyon, E; Mallet, C; Smith, K; Hix, J; Halim, A; Fan, JD; Moore, A. 'Omniparticle Contrast Agent for Multimodal Imaging: Synthesis and Characterization in an Animal Model.'  MOLECULAR IMAGING AND BIOLOGY, SEP 2022

5.   Tauber, S; Oliveri, NF; Kostakopoulou, D; Mahmoudi, M. 'Breaking the silence around academic harassment.'  FEBS LETTERS, Vol 596, Issue 18, SEP 2022.  pp. 2337-2344.

6.   Gil, CJ; Li, L; Hwang, B; Cadena, M; Theus, AS; Finamore, TA; Bauser-Heaton, H; Mahmoudi, M; Roeder, RK; Serpooshan, V. 'Tissue engineered drug delivery vehicles: Methods to monitor and regulate the release behavior.'  JOURNAL OF CONTROLLED RELEASE, Vol 349, SEP 2022.  pp. 143-155.

7.   Bi, JL; Zhao, CJ; Jin, WF; Chen, QJ; Fan, BL; Qian, CQ. 'Study on pharmacokinetics and tissue distribution of Polygonatum sibiricum polysaccharide in rats by fluorescence labeling.'  INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL MACROMOLECULES, Vol 215, AUG 31, 2022.  pp. 541-549.

8.   GBD Collaborators [includes M Mahmoudi] 'The global burden of cancer attributable to risk factors, 2010-19: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019.'  LANCET, Vol 400, Issue 10352, AUG 20, 2022.  pp. 563-591.

9.   Omidi, Y; Mobasher, M; Castejon, AM; Mahmoudi, M. 'Recent advances in nanoscale targeted therapy of HER2-positive breast cancer.'  JOURNAL OF DRUG TARGETING, Vol 30, Issue 7, AUG 9, 2022.  pp. 687-708.

10.   Moss, S; Tauber, S; Sharifi, S; Mahmoudi, M. 'The need for the development of discipline-specific approaches to address academic bullying.'  ECLINICALMEDICINE, Vol 50, AUG 2022. 

11.   Ning, LQ; Shim, J; Tomov, ML; Liu, R; Mehta, R; Mingee, A; Hwang, B; Jin, LQ; Mantalaris, A; Xu, CH; Mahmoudi, M; Goldsmith, KC; Serpooshan, V. 'A 3D Bioprinted in vitro Model of Neuroblastoma Recapitulates Dynamic Tumor-Endothelial Cell Interactions Contributing to Solid Tumor Aggressive Behavior.'  ADVANCED SCIENCE, Vol 9, Issue 23, AUG 2022. 

12.   Tauber, S; Keashly, L; Moss, S; Swann, J; Hollis, L; Crockett, L; Sareh, P; Mahmoudi, M. 'Academic harassment: The need for interdependent actions of stakeholders.'  ECLINICALMEDICINE, Vol 49, JUL 2022. 

13.   Krishnan, V; Wade-Kleyn, LC; Israeli, RR; Pelled, G. 'Peripheral Nerve Injury Induces Changes in the Activity of Inhibitory Interneurons as Visualized in Transgenic GAD1-GCaMP6s Rats.'  BIOSENSORS-BASEL, Vol 12, Issue 6, JUN 2022. 

14.   Robertson, N; Sempere, L; Kenyon, E; Mallet, C; Smith, K; Hix, J; Halim, A; Fan, JD; Moore, A. 'Omniparticle Contrast Agent for Multimodal Imaging: Synthesis and Characterization in an Animal Model.'  MOLECULAR IMAGING AND BIOLOGY, June 2022.

15.   Sharifi, S; Saei, AA; Gharibi, H; Mahmoud, NN; Harkins, S; Dararatana, N; Lisabeth, EM; Serpooshan, V; Vegvari, A; Moore, A; Mahmoudi, M. 'Mass Spectrometry, Structural Analysis, and Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Photo-Cross-Linked Human Albumin Hydrogels.'  ACS APPLIED BIO MATERIALS, Vol 5, Issue 6, MAY 11, 2022.  pp. 2,643-2,663.

16.   Xu, S; Bi, JL; Jin, WF; Fan, BL; Qian, CQ. '<p>Determination of polysaccharides composition in Polygonatum sibiricum and Polygonatum odoratum by HPLC-FLD with pre-column derivatization</p>.'  HELIYON, Vol 8, Issue 5, MAY 2022. 

17.   Li T, Zheng Y, Wang Z, Zhu DC, Ren J, Liu T, Friston K. Brain information processing capacity modeling.  Brain information processing capacity modeling. Sci Rep 2022;12:2174.  

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19.   Attasgah, RB; Velasco-Rodriguez, B; Pardo, A; Fernandez-Vega, J; Arellano-Galindo, L; Rosales-Rivera, LC; Prieto, G; Barbosa, S; Soltero, JFA; Mahmoudi, M; Taboada, P. 'Development of functional hybrid scaffolds for wound healing applications.'  ISCIENCE, Vol 25, Issue 4, APR 15, 2022. 

20.   Tauber, S; Mahmoudi, M. 'How bullying becomes a career tool.'  NATURE HUMAN BEHAVIOUR, Vol 6, Issue 4, APR 2022.  pp. 475-475.

21.   Kenyon, E; Zaluzec, EK; Powell, K; Volk, M; Chakravarty, S; Hix, J; Arora, R; Westerhuis, JJ; Kiupel, M; Shapiro, EM; Sempere, LF. 'Intraductal Delivery and X-ray Visualization of Ethanol-Based Ablative Solution for Prevention and Local Treatment of Breast Cancer in Mouse Models.'  JOVE-JOURNAL OF VISUALIZED EXPERIMENTS, Issue 182, APR 2022. 

22.   Liu, YL; Hesse, LE; Geiger, MK; Zinn, KR; McMahon, TJ; Chen, CP; Spence, DM. 'A 3D-printed transfusion platform reveals beneficial effects of normoglycemic erythrocyte storage solutions and a novel rejuvenating solution.'  LAB ON A CHIP, Vol 22, Issue 7, MAR 29, 2022.  pp. 1,310-1,320.

23.   Tauber, S; Mahmoudi, M. 'Disrupting targets' dependency on bullies.'  SCIENCE, Vol 375, Issue 6586, MAR 18, 2022.  pp. 1,239-1,239.

24.   Good, NM; Lee, HD; Hawker, ER; Su, MZ; Gilad, AA; Martinez-Gomez, NC. 'Hyperaccumulation of Gadolinium by Methylorubrum extorquens AM1 Reveals Impacts of Lanthanides on Cellular Processes Beyond Methylotrophy.'  FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY, Vol 13, MAR 17, 2022. 

25.   Kanada, M; Linenfelser, L; Cox, E; Gilad, AA. 'A Dual-Reporter Platform for Screening Tumor-Targeted Extracellular Vesicles.'  PHARMACEUTICS, Vol 14, Issue 3, MAR 2022. 

26.   Zanganeh, S; Georgala, P; Corbo, C; Arabi, L; Ho, JQ; Javdani, N; Sepand, MR; Cruickshank, K; Campesato, LF; Weng, CH; Hemayat, S; Andreou, C; Alvim, R; Hutter, G; Rafat, M; Mahmoudi, M. 'Immunoengineering in glioblastoma imaging and therapy (vol 11, e1575, 2019).'  WILEY INTERDISCIPLINARY REVIEWS-NANOMEDICINE AND NANOBIOTECHNOLOGY, Vol 14, Issue 2, MAR 2022. 

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28.   Heller RE III, Sdigh G, Rao V, Anzai Y, Moriarity AK. Current Controversies in Radiology on Cost, Reimbursement, and Price Transparency: AJR Expert Panel Narrative Review. Am. J of Roentgenology. Accepted in-press 2022 Mar 2.  Doi:10.2214/AJR.22.27326. PMID:  35234482

29.   Parkhurst D, Saffarian M, Andary M, Knake J, Fajardo R. Accessory Flexor Digitorum Longus Presenting as Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome: A Case Series. Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine. March 21, 2022. PMID: 35316824

30.   Ashkarran, AA; Shari, S; Abrahamsson, CK; Mahmoudi, M. 'In situ monitoring of photo-crosslinking reaction of water-soluble bifunctional macromers using magnetic levitation.'  ANALYTICA CHIMICA ACTA, Vol 1195, FEB 22, 2022. 

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