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2020 Publications

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4.   Fan, BL; Wei, GL; Gan, XF; Li, TT; Qu, ZY; Xu, S; Liu, C; Qian, CQ. 'Study on the varied content of Polygonatum cyrtonema polysaccharides in the processing of steaming and shining for nine times based on HPLC-MS/MS and chemometrics.'  MICROCHEMICAL JOURNAL, Vol 159, DEC 2020. 

5.   Hajipour, MJ; Mohammad-Beigi, H; Nabipour, I; Mahmoudi, N; Azhdarzadeh, M; Derakhshankhah, H; El Dawud, D; Mohammadinejad, R; Otzen, DE. 'Amyloid fibril inhibition, acceleration, or fragmentation; Are nano-based approaches advance in the right direction?'  NANO TODAY, Vol 35, DEC 2020. 

6.   Saei, AA; Sharifi, S; Mahmoudi, M. 'COVID-19: Nanomedicine Uncovers Blood-Clot Mystery.'  JOURNAL OF PROTEOME RESEARCH, Vol 19, Issue 11, NOV 6, 2020.  pp. 4364-4373.

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