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Radiology Building Use Policy & Procedure

The Radiology Building has spaces for use; both for MSU units and the general public.  Please review the information below before reserving space.

Radiology rooms available for reservation:

RAD rooms.png

General Information:

  • Radiology Academic and Business Office hours are M-F, 8 am – 5 pm. 
  • Administrative support is not provided.
    • Cell phones are to be used for all of your phone calls.
    • Someone from your group should be on site to meet with the set-up crew, caterers, and IT services.
  • Refreshments/Meals
    • Food is allowed in all rooms within the building.
    • No restriction on catering companies.
    • Additional trash receptacles can be requested from IPF (info below).
  • The Radiology Healing Gardens are open to the public.  Please notify your guests to stay on the sidewalks or pathways.  Please do not feed the fish unless you obtain fish food from one of our garden staff.
  • This is a non-smoking campus.
  • Taping flyers, posters, etc., to walls, pillars, or windows is prohibited.  We suggest table stands or easels.
  • DO NOT move planter boxes or benches in the atrium; DO NOT empty water or liquids into plants.
  • During business hours, please be mindful of blocking doorways and noise level.


  • Parking for the Radiology Building is in Lot 100, as noted on the map below.  The parking lot on the west side, closest to the Clinical Center, is patient parking only.  
  • Parking in lot 100 requires employee/student parking permit or Pay-by-Plate via use of the kiosk located near the bike rack in front of the building. 
  • Radiology does NOT validate parking in any lots.   
  • There are no parking charges on the weekend.

Parking Map.jpg

Click here if you are an MSU unit that wants to request use of space in the Radiology Building.

Click here if you are NOT an MSU unit and want to use space in the Radiology Building.