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MSU Unit Request to use Radiology Building Space

If you are an MSU unit wanting to use space in the Radiology Building, please invite the room you want to use through an Outlook invitation; the room names are:

                Room 110 (Auditorium)    RADOM.110RadiologyAuditorium

                Room 139 (Classroom)     RADOM.139RadiologyClassroom

                Room 162 (Board Room)  RADOM.162RadiologyChairConference

                Room 190 (Conference)    RADOM.190RadiologyFrontConference

                Atrium                               RADOM.RadiologyAtrium

Upon receipt of your request, a staff member will send you a link to a form that needs to be completed. 

Your request will be considered tentative until the necessary form is completed.  If the form is returned incomplete, your request will be declined. 

The University has updated its policies; as a Department, we are updating ours so Radiology and IPF are not left responsible for additional custodial costs. 

Below are links to request event services.  If you choose not to request these services ahead of time, we will provide the account number from the request form to cover any after-event costs. 

For IT Services, submit your request here -

                                Submit a request (box on the right side)

                                Classroom Support (third box from the left)

Radiology and IT staff in the building cannot provide IT Services on site. 

For IPF services, submit your request here -

                                 IPF General Service Request for setup/takedown of tables and chairs.

                                 Indoor Event Request for custodial if food is being served.

Radiology staff cannot assist with set up/take down of tables and chairs.



Contact DPS Parking Office for kiosk validation code information/setup and rates.  (Validation codes are to be used by MSU units to validate VISITOR parking fees.  Units need approval from Controller’s Office to validate faculty/staff and student parking charges.)  Parking is enforced; tickets will be issued.

Instructions for kiosk parking in Lot 100

The machine will prompt the customer thru the process. The steps will be in this order:

  1. Enter full license plate number
  2. Select duration
  3. Do you have a validation code?   (select 1 for yes)
  4. Enter validation code number 
  5. The last option is would you like a receipt? Yes or No

• The customer/client does not need to put receipt on vehicle dash